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 (Establishing and Operating A Project Management Office (PMO 

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[right][left]Establishing and Operating A Project Management Office (PMO) PMOC©
Exam Prep. (26 PDUs)

1st time in Egypt
It is time to Enhance your career.. Gain a competitive edge

15/5/2010 JW Mariot

The Project Management Office (PMO) is one of the fastest growing concepts in project management today, as it is key to effective implementation of project management across the organization. Effective PMOs come in varying shapes and sizes, from simple support offices to full centers of excellence. The course provides the fundamental information required to identify and quantify the need for a project office and then provides the tools, techniques and processes to successfully implement.

The attendees will learn:
• What a project office is and the functions/services it provides
• Develop a design for an effective project office environment
• Gain management commitment to resources, and processes
• Design and develop infrastructure and support processes
• Prepared for PMO Certification exam from the ALLPMO Network
• Attendance of this course will gain certificate of attendance from a Global Registered Education Provider.

• Earn up to 26 PDUs
• Three books delivered.
• Two PMOC instructors.
• New degnation after your name.
• You’ll learn how to prepare PMO proposal.
• You’ll know how to implement & operate PMO.

• Nexus is an authorized education partner of the ALL PMO

This course deliver by Nexus Academy ( PMI Global R.E.P)
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(Establishing and Operating A Project Management Office (PMO 
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