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 Project Management Office (PMO)

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Project Management Office (PMO) Certification (PMOC) Exam Prep
By Nexus Academy
Do you have a fair knowledge and practice of project management?
Are you from the leaders of PMO and members?
Are you senior project managers?
Are you from CIOs?
Are you a Vice President?
 If that’s the case, you must consider the Establishing and Operating a Project Management Office (PMO) PMOC© from nexus academy.
Why Should Attend & Why Nexus Academy?
• Our class is a maximum of seven (7) attendees to ensure the quality of training delivery
• We have a Help Line to our instructor via email accessible to the attendees.
• Our training material is one of the best. Please download a sample now from the website.
• Get a softcopy of the training material to be easily readable on your PC/laptop
• Help you get the eligibility letter by filling out the required application forms
• Provide other supporting documents and templates help you in practicing what you learned
• 4-hour exam simulation in a similar exam environment
• In addition to these competitive reasons above, we have other valid reasons:
• Usually we don't cancel the class with the date committed even the number of registrants is only two.
• We claim that our training material is the best in the market.
• We have a Help Line via email to our instructor ( ) accessible to the attendees
• The attendee can attend again free of charge
Additional Information
• Attendance of this course will gain certificate of attendance from a Global Registered Education Provider.
Course Objectives
The course provides the fundamental information required to identify and quantify the need for a project office and then provides the tools, techniques and processes to successfully implement. The attendees will learn:
 How to recognize ROI opportunities
 How to identify threats to project delivery
 Behavior Management Techniques
 Project Throughput
 How to implement a PMO
 Type of PMO models
 Case studies of PMOs in action today
 How to gain value from a PMO
 I hope that these reasons will motivate and encourage you to go for the Project Management Office (PMO) Certification (PMOC) Exam Prep
You can get discount
- 20% if you pay two months prior to the starting date of the course
- 10% if you pay one month prior to the starting date of the course
- 5% if you pay 15 days prior to the starting date of the course
In case you have seven registrants, we may arrange for a special class for you.
In case you have four registrants, you can get an extra seat free
Course Date: 19/03/2014
Course Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Course duration: 26-hour Course Brochure
Visit our website:
Like us on Face book:
Follow us on Twitter:
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Project Management Office (PMO)
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