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 P3O® Foundation Exam Prep By Nexus Academy

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Nexus Acacemy

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P3O® Foundation Exam Prep
By Nexus Academy
 Are you from Senior managers wishing to gain an understanding of possible structures for supporting business change and the type and level of support that can be provided by Portfolio, Programme and Project support offices?
 Are you from Senior Managers, Programme and Project Managers who require an understanding of how programme offices can add value and enhance the delivery of strategic business change, benefits and capability?
 Are you from Managers and/or staff who have been tasked to create delivery support structures and mechanisms within their organizations?
 are you want Experienced support office managers who need to review, revitalize or tailor current support office provision?
 Are you from Programme office or programme support staff that need to understanding the importance of their role?
 Are you from Staff responsible for programme/project assurance or audit requiring an understanding of how best practice support is provided?
If that’s the case, you must consider the P3O® Foundation Exam Prep from nexus academy.
Why Should Attend & Why Nexus Academy?
• Our class is a maximum of seven (7) attendees to ensure the quality of training delivery
• We have a Help Line to our instructor via email accessible to the attendees.
• Our training material is one of the best. Please download a sample now from the website.
• Get a softcopy of the training material to be easily readable on your PC/laptop
• Help you get the eligibility letter by filling out the required application forms
• Provide other supporting documents and templates help you in practicing what you learned
• 4-hour exam simulation in a similar exam environment
• In addition to these competitive reasons above, we have other valid reasons:
• Usually we don't cancel the class with the date committed even the number of registrants is only two.
• We claim that our training material is the best in the market.
• We have a Help Line via email to our instructor ( ) accessible to the attendees
• The attendee can attend again free of charge
Course Objectives
 Understand how portfolio, programmes and projects relate
 Understand why it is important to provide appropriate support at all these levels
 Identify a ‘best-in-class’ P3O model
 Identify different models for support provision
 Recognize the roles within a P3O
 Apply the main P3O principles
 Identify the tools and techniques that support consistent delivery of functions and services
 Prepare for and take the APMG P3O Foundation examination
I hope that these reasons will motivate and encourage you to go for the P3O® Foundation Exam Prep
You can get discount
- 20% if you pay two months prior to the starting date of the course
- 10% if you pay one month prior to the starting date of the course
- 5% if you pay 15 days prior to the starting date of the course
In case you have seven registrants, we may arrange for a special class for you.
In case you have four registrants, you can get an extra seat free
Course Date: 03-05-2014
Course Place: Riyadh
Course duration: 21-hour course brochure
Visit our website:
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P3O® Foundation Exam Prep By Nexus Academy
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